An ILWS and COSPAR Workshop
Goa, India, January 24 - 29, 2016

Understanding and being able to forecast space weather is an increasingly important aspect of our modern technology-reliant society. This workshop will treat all aspects of space weather, ranging from solar origins of transient events (CMEs, Flares, CIRs) to their propagation through the heliosphere and effects on Earth and planetary bodies, from particle energization to forecasting particle environment and its effects on technological and biological systems, as well as solar-cycle effects and coupling of space weather to atmospheric response. Metrics to assess predictions will also be discussed. The workshop is structured along the lines of the COSPAR space weather pathways and will include invited, contributed talks and posters, as well as panel discussions and tutorials.

This workshop is being jointly organized by the International Living with a Star (ILWS) Program, Committee on Space Research (COSPAR), the SCOSTEP-VarSITI Program and hosted by the Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India (CESSI). The workshop will be held in the seaside town of Goa situated on the western coast of India.


Event Deadline
Hotel reservation deadline06 November 2015
Early registration deadline (fee: USD 350)06 November 2015
Abstract submission deadline30 November 2015
On-site registration (fee: USD 350)23 January 2016

Note that a reduced registration fee (US$ 125) will apply for participants from developing countries, but they will have to book their hotel and register by 06 November 2015. For a list of developing countries (Low-income / low-middle income countries) please refer to the list available at Group rates have been negotiated with the conference hotel where all activities related the conference will take place. It is expected that all participants will stay here which will ease logistical issues and will also enable interactions amongst the workshop participants.

We encourage you to first peruse the various pages on this workshop site to familiarize yourself with the program, venue (accommodation), travel and information. Preregistration is now open through the Registration page, where you should submit the necessary information.


* CESSI | Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research Kolkata

* PRL | Physical Research Laboratory


* ILWS | International Living With a Star Program

* VarSITI | Variability of the Sun and Its Terrestrial Impact

* CAU | Christian-Albrechts-Universit├Ąt zu

* SCOSTEP | Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics

* ISRO | Indian Space Research Organisation


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