List of Data Sources

Software for processing Solar Synoptic Maps


Solar magnetogram and dopplergram

GONG data products (1995- present)

SOLIS data product

SDO/HMI and AIA data (2010-present)

Solar Ca-K, white light and H-∝ data

White-light (since 1904)

Ca-K (since 1907)

H-∝ (since 1912)

Solar flare data

Solar X-ray Flares from the GOES satellite (1975- present) and from the SOLRAD satellite (1968-1974)

GOES SDAC FITS files (1974-present)

Solar coronagraph data

SOHO/LASCO coronagraph (C2,C3) fits files (1995-2018)

SOHO/LASCO coronagraph (C2,C3) near real time latest fits files (2019-present)

STEREO Coronagraph

Solar wind data (Data from Wind, ACE and STEREO spacecrafts)

Geomagnetic storm indices data

Space weather activity data

Data of separate missions

Databases for Events

List of sunspot numbers (1700 - now)

List of solar flares (January, 2002 - now)

List of solar filaments (April, 2010 - October, 2014)

List of CMEs (1996 - now)

SOHO/LASCO Catalog (January, 1996 - now

CASTus Catalog (April, 2007 - now)

Impact of spaceweather conditions on satellite trajectories

Gallery: Daily Movies

SDO daily and near real time movies(2010-present)

CDAW daily browse movies (2006-present)

SOHO Real Time MPEG Movies

Gallery: Daily Images

View and download the latest AIA and HMI images