Painting Competition for Children

Calling all young space buffs for a contest to paint the sky. This contest is for children in pre-primary and in primary classes, as two different categories. We invite schools to shortlist a maximum of 5 paintings or drawings from their students and send them to us as a collage in each category. Each of the paintings can be from any of the themes listed below. The pre-primary and the primary students collages will be judged separately. The best entries for pre-primary and primary will get ISRO memorabilia, and we will display the winning entries online.

Last date for submission: 15 January 2022, 11:59 pm. Please use the form below for this purpose

Themes to choose from
1. Your favourite cartoon characters in space
2. Aliens in a far away galaxy
3. When you step out of Chandrayaan 10 on to the Moon
4. You and your family in spacesuits, ready to blast off into space
5. Our sky if the Earth had many many moons

For any clarifications, please contact nsss2022kol at gmail dot com

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