About Commission E4

The inter-division IAU Commission E4 – Impact of Magnetic Activity on Solar and Stellar Environments – was established in the year 2021 and had its origins in the inter-division Working Group of the same name which was initiated in the IAU General Assembly in Beijing, 2012. The goals of this Commission are to facilitate the understanding of the impact of solar and stellar magnetic activity on their space environments and the (exo)planets they host. With recent advances in observational studies of Sun, heliosphere, stellar magnetic activity and exoplanets and theoretical and modelling initiatives in the emerging sciences of star planet interactions, we expect rapid advances in this interdisciplinary science.

Planned Activities of Commission E4

Catalyse closer collaboration between community members

Develop joint review papers on specific topics of common interest that is of interest to the community

Target few grand challenge problems in Star Planet Interactions and Habitability that require interdisciplinary expertise

Organise an IAU GA Focus Meetings or Symposium approximately once every 4 years

Encourage and facilitate the organization of regional team meetings and students training workshops in various parts of the world led by members of Commission E4 with the goal of reaching out to larger number of students and scientists

Host online talks by experts in the field

Simulation Credits: CESSI
Background galaxy Image credits: NASA