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Serial Number Title of The Seminar Speaker Affiliation Date (DD/MM/YYYY) Time (HH:MM) Venue
65Observational Constraints on the Solar Dynamo MechanismSushant S. MahajanGeorgia State University18/09/201911:00 AM CESSI Lab, Room N108
64Can we see a singularity, the most extreme object in the universe?Chandrachur ChakrabortyKAVLI INSTITUTE06/08/201903:00 PM G02 , APC Ray
63Gravitational Waves: From Discovery to AstronomySanjeev DhurandharIUCAA06/06/201903:00 PM APC Ray-G08
62Future Space Science Missions of IndiaP. SreekumarDirector, ISRO17/05/20192:30 PM Asima Chatterjee Lecture Theatre
61The Dual Foliation Approach & the Weak Null Condition for Free Evolution in Numerical RelativityDr David HilditchCENTRA, Lisbon, Portugal01/05/20192:00 PM LHC- G08
60The Scope of Artificial IntelligenceSaikat ChatterjeeKTH-Royal Institute, Sweden24/04/201912:00 PM Asima Chatterjee Lecture Theatre
59Impact of relativistic jets on galaxies and their environmentsDr. Dipanjan MukherjeeUniversity of Torino, Italy18/03/201903:00 PM G08, A P C Ray
58The Weak Null Condition in Free-evolution Schemes for Numerical RelativityDavid HilditchUniversity of Lisbon01/11/20183:00 PM RC, CESSI Lab Room-124
57Low Latitude Electrodynamics: Some New UnderstandingsDebrup HuiIIG, Navi Mumbai, India12/09/201812:45 PM CESSI Lab
56Hyperbolicity of Relativistic FluidsDavid HilditchUniversity of Lisbon06/06/201803:00 PM CESSI Lab
55Investigating Non-neutral Plasmas with Particle-in-Cell SimulationMeghraj SenguptaInstitute for Plasma Research18/10/201711:30 CESSI Lab
54Science with AstroSatDipankar BhattacharyaIUCAA Pune07/03/20184:15 LHC, G-06
53Design and development of a satellite-based gamma-ray burst polarimeter called SPHiNXNirmal Kumar IyerKTH Royal16/01/201812:00 pm CESSI Lab
52LIGO's second observing run & the dawn of multi-messenger astronomyDeep ChatterjeeUniversity of Wisconsin12/01/201812:00 CESSI Lab
51An Application of Data-Assimilation to Solar PhysicsDr. Dhrubaditya MitraNORDITA, Stockholm3/1/201812:00 pm CESSI lab
50The Effect of Magnetic Fields on the Column Density Probability Distribution Function in Star Forming Molecular CloudsSayantan AuddyUniv. of Western Ontario05.01.201811:00 AM CESSI Lab
49What do Numerical Simulations tell us about Solar-Stellar Magnetic Fields?Laurène JouveIRAP, University of Toulouse8/11/201712:00 pm CESSI Lab
48Turbulence and Magnetic Fields in GalaxiesAnvar ShukurovNewcastle University, UK02/11/201703:00 PM CESSI Lab
47Extreme spacetimes with numerical relativityDavid HilditchUniversity of Jena24/10/20174:15 PM CESSI Lab
46Effect of Relativistic Jet Feedback from Massive Black Hole Gas on Host GalaxiesDipanjan MukherjeeAustralian National University11.10.201712:00 pm CESSI Lab
45The Beginning of Gravitational Wave AstronomySanjit MitraIUCAA, Pune03.10.201715:00 CESSI Lab
44Effect of Active Region Dynamics on Solar Flare TriggerDr. Sreejith PadinhatteeriManipal University19/04/201712:00 PM CESSI LAB
43The Science of Space WeatherJudith T. KarpenNASA Space Weather Lab06/03/201712.00 pm G05,LHC
42Basics of Optical AstronomyProf. A.N. RamaprakashIUCAA, Pune30/1/201705:00 PM CESSI LAB
41Kodaikanal Digitised data archive and long term study of the sunDipankar BanerjeeIIA, Bangalore01/12/20164:30 PM Cessi Lab (Rc, 124)
40Dynamical imprint of Dark Matter & Interstellar gas on the spiral structure in disk galaxiesSoumavo GhoshIISc, Bangalore23/11/20162:30 PM Cessi Lab (Rc, 124)
39Machine Learning of Syntax in the un-deciphered Indus ScriptDr. Ronojoy AdhikariIMS, Chennai23/06/201612.00 Noon Room 102, Lecture Hall Complex
38Extreme Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of the Solar Corona and its Energetic EventsAbhishek SrivastavaIIT-BHU20/04/201611.00 AM CESSI Lab
37The Quiet Thunder of Gravity in the CosmosRana AdhikariCaltech19/04/20164.00 PM LHC Room 107
36 Energy transfers in dynamos with small and large magnetic Prandtl numbersRohit KumarIIT Kanpur19/01/201615:10 CESSI Lab (LEL Building)
35Helioseismic InversionProf. H.M. AntiaTIFR, Mumbai09/01/201610:00 CESSI Lab (LEL Building)
34Multi-wavelngth observations of Sunspot and coronal seismologDipankar BanerjeeIIA, B'lore15/10/201515:00 CESSI Lab/ LEL building
33Study of black holes and neutron stars in the ASTROSAT eraDr Sudip BhattacharyyaTIFR, Mumbai15/05/201512:00 CESSI Lab (LEL building)
32Helioseismology of Large Scale FlowsDr S P RajaguruIIA, B'lore22/04/201512:00 CESSI Lab (LEL building)
31Solar Coronal Studies with Aditya MissionDr. K. SankarasubramanianISAC, B'lore18/03/201512:00 CESSI Lab (LEL building)
30Estimating Magnetic field strength from Polarimetry Dr. K. SankarasubramanianISAC, B'lore18/03/201510:00 CESSI Lab (LEL building)
29Living with a Star, the SunRobertus von Fay-SiebenburgenUniversity of Sheffield17-03-201517:00 CESSI Lab (LEL building)
28General brief introduction about Astronomical magnetic fieldDr. K. SankarasubramanianISAC, B'lore17-03-201514:00 CESSI Lab (LEL building)
27India's participation in the Thirty Metre Telescope projectProf. A. N. RamprakashIUCAA, Pune12/03/201512:15 CESSI Lab (LEL building)
26Fundamental of Solar Radiation (basics of radiative transfer)Dr. Durgesh TripathiIUCAA, Pune11/03/201511:00 CESSI Lab
25Fundamental of Solar Radiation (basics of radiative transfer)Dr. Durgesh TripathiIUCAA, Pune10/03/201514:00 CESSI Lab
24The future of learningProf Sugata MitraNewcastle University, UK11/02/201516:00 LH4
23Anomalies in CMBSuvodip MukherjeeIUCAA, Pune09/02/201515:30 CESSI Lab (LEL building)
22Observational techniques in Solar Radio AstronomyNimisha G KanthariaNCRA-TIFR13/01/201514:00 CESSI LAB (LEL Building)
21From Dynamos to Sunspots: New resultsDr. Dhrubaditya MitraNITP, Stockholm University07/01/201512:00 CESSI, LEL Building 1st Floor
20Blood, Sweat and Tears: Simulations of Biological FlowsDr. Dhrubaditya MitraNITP, Stockholm University06/01/201512:00 CESSI, LEL Building 1st Floor
19Highlights from IceCube Neutrino ObservatoryDr Debanjan BoseSungKyunKwan University17/12/201412:00 CESSI Lab (LEL building)
18Up coming very large telescopesProf Ranjan GuptaIUCAA26/09/201412:00 CESSI Lab-LEL building
17The role of different interaction potentials on dust crystal formationDr Swati BaruahInsitute of Plasma Physics03/09/201416:00 CESSI Lab-LEL building
16Gravitational Wave Astronomy: A 21st Century AstronomySanjeev DhurandharIUCAA, Pune06/08/201416:00 G01, Lecture Hall Complex
15Data Analysis 2 Sanjeev DhurandharIUCAA, Pune08/08/201411:00 CESSI Lab/ LEL, 1st floor
14Data Analysis Sanjeev DhurandharIUCAA, Pune04/08/201411:00 CESSI Lab/ LEL Building
13 Magnetically confined accretion mounds on Neutron starsDipanjan MukherjeeIUCAA, Pune30/07/201412:00 CESSI Lab/ LEL, 1st floor
12 Imaging the 3-D Interior of the SunShravan Hanasoge TIFR, Mumbai08/05/201411:00 CESSI-Lab
11Evolution, Interaction and Impact of coronal mass ejectionsDr. Nandita SrivastavaCESSI colloquium series10/04/2014 CESSI Lab-LEL, 1st Floor
10Turbulent mixing in magnetized mediaDr. Sharanya SurCESSI Colloquium18/02/2014 CESSI Lab-LEL, 1st Floor
9India's first solar observatory in space: AdityaDr Dipankar Banerjeeclass lecture- Space Astronomy12/02/2014 CESSI Lab-LEL, 1st Floor
8India's first solar observatory in space: AdityaDr Dipankar Banerjeeclass lecture11/02/2014 CESSI Lab-LEL, 1st Floor
7Origins of Space Weather and Climate: The Solar DynamoDr. Mausumi DikpatiCESSI Colloquium09/12/2013 CESSI Lab-LEL, 1st Floor
6Growth of grains in astronomical situations and their light scattering propertiesProf. Sabyasachi Chatterjeeseminar28/11/2013 CESSI Lab-LEL, 1st Floor
5The dynamical behavior of a jet in an on-disk coronal hole observed with AIA/SDODr. K Chandrashekharseminar31/10/2013 J C Bose Meeting Room
4Gravitational Wave AstronomyDr. Sanjit MitraCESSI Colloquium07/10/2013 Classroom LH2,J C Bose Building
3Development of a novel hard X-ray imagingDr.Sourav Palitseminar03/10/2013 Classroom LH1, J C Bose Building
2India's first solar observatory in space: AdityaDr Dipankar BanerjeeCESSI Colloquium23/09/2013 Classroom LH2, J C Bose Building
1Public LectureDr. Anita SenguptaPublic Lecture16/08/2013 Science City Auditorium, Kolkata
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